Posted by: yukachi | 23.06.11

Tamayuradio Plus Drama CD c07-09

And here are chapters 7-9! Only one chapter to go! D:

Notes and trivia

  • Chapter 7 is a special chapter. It was a public recording of the radio drama wherein there was an audience. You can hear the laughter of men in the background. Chapter 7 is a mix of a real life event and fiction. The voice actors of Tamayura went to Akihabara’s Ishimaru building to record the special radio drama. Chapter 7 sort of incorporated this event to the story but instead of the girls going to Akihabara, they went to the fictional place called Akiharaba.
  • The Ojizou-sama is mentioned again! For those who have not watched Kimi ni Todoke or Tamayura OVA. An Ojizou-sama is a small stone statue commonly said to watch over children.
  • In chapter 8 there were some misspellings, they were intentional!
  • In chapter 9, doll parade and doll festival are two different events.
  • What is a nijuuyaki? It’s a round baked thingy with cream filling inside. It looks like this.

Chapter 07-09



  1. The torrent link needs fixing, it’s static text…


    • And Tom-san fixed it.


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