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It’s July and the second half of the year! After finishing 2 drama CDs and doing several PVs of an anime we won’t sub, what’s next for Mamiko? I’m sure everyone knows we won’t sub RO-KYU-BU! this season but are we going to sub other anime? Nope, we are not planning on subbing any anime this season. I would like to sub Mayochiki since this anime has Iguchi Yuka in a main character role but due to various reasons, we can’t. So does this mean Mamiko will be inactive again? Not sure, maybe we’ll continue subbing drama CDs. I already have a title in mind that’s prime for subbing 🙂

It really sucks we won’t sub anything this season when there are two shows I’m really interested in. But still, I’m excited for this season coz I’m going to watch anime again, lol. Last season, I didn’t watch any anime. Spring was cruel to Iguchi (she only voiced in one show and I’ve read her character appears way late) so I just listened to web radio shows and played video games to keep me entertained 😛 Speaking of web radio shows, Takehito Koyasu and Seki Tomokazu are goddam hilarious in Ore-sama Radio (about Sengoku Basara) they should do more radio shows >.> Oh, yeah. Trying to get the Platinum trophy in Sengoku Basara 3 is sooooo tedious. Dammit Capcom, I bought that game last year and I still haven’t gotten the Platinum trophy yet (might get it soon since I started playing it again).

Anyway, that’s it for my random post. Uh, enjoy the new season and…

*points to poll*

Vote for Maho!!! D:


  1. As for drama CD, will you think of working on Madoka ?


    • Nope, I’m not interested in Madoka. Sorry.


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