Posted by: yukachi | March 11, 2012

Kimi ni Todoke Specials Batch

We’re back! Here is the much awaited last Kimi ni Todoke special! Sorry for the long wait guys😛 This is a batch release so we could reseed the other 2 episodes. We’ve also done some slight changes to episode 2, one line fix and one additional line we forgot to add. For the last special you do not need to wear 3D glasses to view them, we used the 2D version for our release (although the special is animated in 3D…) Anyway, uh, enjoy the specials!

Kimi ni Todoke Specials Batch
Kimi ni Todoke Specials Batch part 1
Kimi ni Todoke Specials Batch part 2
Bluray special + ep 1, ep 2 and ep 2 v2 of dvd
(.Pea – use Peazip or Universal Extractor to unpack)


  1. Thank you so much! It’s always great to see more Kimi ni Todoke.

  2. Thanks for this!! Been waiting. :^)

  3. Thanks guys!🙂 And welcome back.

  4. Something wrong with this Torrent file…😦

    • What’s wrong with the torrent file? Why not use the DDL?

      • sorry about that ^^”
        The BitSpirit says “Bad Torrent File!”… but it works Really fine with uTorrent…

  5. I realized about the release too late, and the DL links do not work anymore. Is there anyway I can get the DL link or streaming link just for ep.3? Thank you.

    • Sorry for the late reply. Please try the new link.

      • Thank you very much. You’re really helpful!

  6. Hi, thanks so much for subbing these!
    but the batch ddl link doesn’t work…

    • We’ve fixed the batch link, try it now.

  7. DDL link is not working. Can you please re-upload it?

    • DDL re-uploaded, thank you for informing us.

      • Thank you too, for re-uploading and being this fast on replying. ^^

  8. DDL link is not working. please re-upload😦

    • DDL link re-uploaded. Please try again.

      • Thank you senpai ^^

  9. Thank you

  10. I didn’t know about the specials until now, so thank you for your release!

  11. No seeds and the DDL isn’t working.

    • it’s fixed:)

  12. DDL isn’t working. Could you reupload, please? Thanks.

    • links is fixed

  13. DDL is again not working, and torrent has just 1 seeder ( with 35 KiB/s speed )😦

  14. links are not working. could you re-upload it one more time?😀

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