Posted by: yukachi | 20.03.12

Iguchi News Update


Update from the news last week. Tetote charity song CD costs 1050 yen (tax included), you can get it at ACE. When you buy Postcard Book #1 at TAF you will also receive an Iguchi Yuka no Moon Sticker #2. Iguchi Yuka no Moon DVD #1 will be on sale at TAF and ACE, it’ll probably cost around 3500 yen or less plus you will also get a free Iguchi Yuka no Moon Sticker #3 at TAF. Iguchi Yuka no Moon DVD #2 is up for pre-order as of yesterday 10:00pm (JST). Also on sale as of 3/17 is an A&G School Calendar for 2012-2013, features various photos of VAs such as Iguchi Yuka, Sakurai Takahiro, Asumi Kana, Hanazawa Kana, Ono Daisuke and Kamiya Hiroshi. It costs 2100 yen (tax included). You can order it at the Chou! A&G shop site.

The special Iguchi Yuka advanced ticket lottery for Frontline Mission 3 has ended (I was lucky enough to get selected 🙂 and I’ve already paid through Lawson) but general sale of the ticket will start on April 7. Also, I will be going to TAF this Saturday instead of ACE because I wasn’t able to reserve a seat in the Nisemonogatari stage, the Tetote charity song isn’t worth going to (I heard the sample last night on Iguchi Yuka no Moon) plus the freebies only available at TAF >.>

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