Posted by: yukachi | 24.03.12

Mission Accomplished

Just got back from TAF, tired but satisfied. Got Iguchi Yuka’s Post Card Book #1 with sticker. There were other stuff on sale at the Bunka Housou booth but I already have the Iguchi Yuka no Moon DVD #1 and I’m not interested with the other goods. There was also a Miku stage concert but I didn’t watch it because the post card book was my priority >.> There was a try to be a voice actor booth were people get to try and voice anime characters, they also get freebies for being brave enough to voice act in front of an audience. I was also able to watch Yuu Kobayashi’s live radio show broadcast, very funny. She introduces her pig stuff toys and then tells the audience to shout with her the names of the pigs. Her screams are really loud and I pity the guys standing in front of the speakers, they must have hearing problems after the show. Then she trolls her guests, Yamaguchi Rie and the president of Good Smile Company (makers of Nendroid figures), lol. Anyway, it was a fun trip. I got what I want, got to see some interesting stuff too.

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