Posted by: yukachi | 01.04.12

April Fools

Happy April Fools, guys! FYI this post is not an April Fools joke post 😛 I’m here to report our current situation. After my triumphant return to fansubbing, we’ve managed to complete the Kimi ni Todoke specials and… and… that was it >.> I’m kinda disappointed that was our only achievement after a month has passed since I returned.

I’m trying to finish my translation of Kaibutsu Oujo OVA 3 ASAP but it’ll probably take a long time to get this one released since our partner SHiN-gx is slow as molasses 😛

Tamachare is stalled for the moment because some of the raws we have suck really bad. If you liked Tamachare, want to see the other episodes (w/ subs) and want to help us, please provide us a decent raw for all the episodes. There are two sources to which you can obtain them. One is from the official website (FYI we don’t know how to rip it off the site) and the other is from the Tamayura ~hitotose~ Blurays (BD#3 onwards). So yeah, Tamachare is temporary on hold until we get decent raws for all episodes.

Last is we’re going to release a drama CD this month. This is my pet project, I really love this drama CD. I even bought a copy of it in Japan. You can probably guess who one of the cast is 😀 Title is… well, you’ll just have to look forward to it (or you can search within my post for some clues…) 😛

That’s it for my announcement, hopefully we release more than one project this time 😀

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