Posted by: yukachi | 08.04.12

A Channel +smile OVA 02

Imouto of the year

That voice, that Kansai dialect, that tsundere personality, that imouto!!! Good lord, so much moe in one package. I’m lucky to be alive after how many heart attacks I received when subbing episode 2!! D: Woops, did I just blurt out the REAL reason we subbed this? >.> I really had fun subbing this episode πŸ™‚ Anyway, we are going to release a batch that will improve everything. We already have a good encoder for this project and now we are looking for an experienced typesetter. If you want to help us in the typesetting department, please contact us at:

TL Notes:

An Ema is a small wooden postcard like thingy (usually with a picture of a horse) that you use to write your wishes and then hang them on a board in shrines or temples. You will get to see this next episode.

A Kotatsu is a table with a heater inside with a cloth hanging outside. It’s nice to have one during winter (I wish I had one!)

An Ozouni is a special New Year dish composed of rice cakes cooked with vegetables.

PASCA is a fictional electronic train pass that you use to get inside the train station instead of tickets. It’s a parody of PASMO and SUICA (which are real electronic train passes).

A Migawari Omamori is a type of charm that when worn, it will receive all the bad luck for you.

An Amazake is a sweet fermented rice wine.

An Omikuji is a piece of paper with a random written fortune.


We have released a batch version with everything improved. Get that one instead of this.


  1. Ahhh smile 02! I’m smilling right now! πŸ˜€


  2. are you going to make an avi for A Channel smile 1 and 2?


    • That is a maybe. We’ll try to do something about that.


  3. Nice! That’s what I’m waiting for! Good job! πŸ™‚
    By the way, will you make a hard-subbed mp4 version in batch (or v2) release?
    For hard-subbing, I recommended using mp4 because it is better than avi in compression.


    • Thank you for the suggestion. We will consider an mp4 version when we are going to make a hard-sub release.


  4. Hello yukachi! Do you have the raws or you download them on torrents?


    • Just unmux the mkv file…


  5. Textless OP and ED from ReinForce’s RAW:


  6. @Raki Saionji: For our curent episode 1 & 2 release we used a raw from a torrent. For our batch we used the BD source but the BD source belongs to Lucskywalk who volunteered to encode for us.


    • About Lucskywalk’s BD, I will ask him/her if I can. And by the torrent you use, where is that from. I got a BD Rip from ReinForce. There are lots of torrent of it too. Like ZeroRaws, ika-Raws,… which is your source?
      And if you are generous, could I have his/her email to discuss with him/her?


      • We used ZeroRaws. We will not post anyone’s email in public unless the person wants to. Send us an email at: so that if he is okay with being contacted by you, we will inform you by mail.


        • Mail sent! Check your inbox! Thank you so much! πŸ™‚


  7. Gona do the specials?? thanks for the hard work πŸ˜€


    • Unfortunately, we’re not going to do the specials. Sorry.


  8. Thank you, you’re amazing! πŸ˜€


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