Posted by: yukachi | 09.04.12

Iguchi News 4/9

Forgot to post news last week coz I was busy with A Channel šŸ˜› She’s the feature cover for Star Meikan Beauties 2012 Voice Actor and Anime Song artists Edition. It was out last week and you can buy it (1200 yen) at your local (Japan only) bookstore or online ( Also, those who bought Iguchi Yuka no Moon DVD 02 will have the chance to go to her live event at June 3 in Tokyo. DVD 02 will contain an application form, fill out the form and mail it. Seats are limited so among those who mailed the form will get a chance to be selected. The faster you get the DVD and mail the form the better chances you will get.


  1. That cover photo makes me want to hug Iguchi while happily exclaiming “Onee-chan!” =P


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