Posted by: yukachi | 12.04.12

Iguchi News 4/12


I’ve got big news for Iguchi fans this weeks! Finally!! Iguchi Yuka photo shoot!!! D: She went to New Celadonia this week for her first photo shoot. It was also her first time traveling abroad. She also did her radio show: Iguchi Yuka no Moon at New Celadonia live (with lots of lag) on Monday. The fans have been asking for a photo shoot for so long now and she finally gets one! 😀 The photo shoot magazine is planned to be on sale at 7/11 (her birthday :)). In other news, Iguchi Yuka no Moon Postcard Book #1 is now available online (sale started at 4/9), those who were not able to buy it(2,000 yen) at ACE/TAF can now order it at the A&G shop website. The Tetote song CD is also available at the A&G shop for 1,050 yen. 2012 really is Iguchi’s year 😀


  1. Waaa…. Iguchi is so pretty!! *envies* =D
    Also, hi, yukachi!! XD


    • Hello, Senna 😀 Iguchi is ❤


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