Posted by: yukachi | 18.04.12

Koetama Drama CD 01

We’re back to subbing drama CDs! Koetama (short for Koe no Tamashii w/c literally means soul of the voice) is about an aspiring young seiyuu voiced by none other than… Iguchi Yuka! 😀 Wait, why is everyone not surprised? 😦 Anyway, this is based on a currently running manga in Comic Earth Star (monthly comic magazine). The conceptualization of characters were handled by four seiyuus, namely: Nakahara Mai, Ueda Kana, Hayami Saori and Yahagi Sayuri. I’d like to think they even handpicked who would voice who since the casting is perfect. Drama CD 01 just introduced 2 of the 4 characters in the picture above. The aspiring young seiyuu and the current no. 1 seiyuu. Volume 1 (tankabon) came with a drama CD and also introduces the other 2 characters: a trap seiyuu and a popular seiyuu with a bad history. I hope you guys enjoy this rare drama CD only hardcore Iguchi Yuka fans know!!

Edit: Forgot to post the cast list 😛

Iguchi Yuka – Sakimoto Wakaba
Horie Yui – Hosaka Touko
Kitamura Eri – Serina
Hosoya Yoshimasa – Tomohiro

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  1. *Has no idea what this is*
    *Checks it out because of Iguchi-san and yukachi*


    • Lol, thanks for checking it out 🙂


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