Posted by: yukachi | 24.04.12

A Channel +smile OVA Batch

My face when I saw the batch

As promised, the batch for A Channel +smile is here! We have added karaoke, improved typesetting, corrected our mistakes and encoded directly from a BD source. It’s so lovely, I can watch it many times without getting tired. Special thanks to Senna Wong and Lucskywalk for helping us out, you guys made this batch really good 😀 Of course thanks to CP too for doing a great job. Included in the batch is the TL notes so you don’t need to visit our site to read about it (but we still recommend you visit our site :P) What else? Hardsubbed batch version to be released later, maybe on Saturday or something…

Torrent (720p)
Filehosting: ddl (720p)
RFshare: ddl 2 (720p)
Zippyshare: Part 1 part 2 part 3 (720p)

Torrent (704x400p)
Zippyshare: Part 1 part 2 (704x400p)


  1. any patch?


  2. Thanks.
    What resolution is this release? 480p, 720p, 1080p?
    What resolution will the Hardsubbed version be?


    • Forgot to mention the resolution of the release but it’s 720p. Hardsubbed will probably be 480p.


  3. No seeder ?


  4. lot of seeders

    However, if yo cant find eny try the ddls 😉


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