Posted by: yukachi | 30.04.12

Iguchi Yuka News 4/30

Ah, the benefits of pre-ordering…

For those who don’t know, Iguchi Yuka no Moon DVD 2 is out now! You can order it at the A&G  online shop now. I got mine yesterday because I pre-ordered it… last month? The DVD has a reversible jacket but I seriously like the default jacket 1000 times better than the alternative one. Mmmm… Yukachi in a teacher’s uniform with glasses! D: If you’re lucky, the DVD will also come with a special event lottery ticket. It’s a green colored paper and if you attached it to an oufukuhagaki (postcard with reply card on the inside) and then send it. You have a chance to be selected in a lottery to participate in the Iguchi Yuka no Moon talk event at June 3 which will be held at the Ota-ku Industry Plaza PiO. If you are extremely lucky and got selected you also need to buy an entrance ticket worth 1,500 yen for the event. I already sent my lottery ticket today hoping I can up my chances of getting selected if I send early 😀 You can buy an oufukuhagaki at the Japan Postal Office for 100 yen and I’ve read you can also buy them at convenience stores.

Also, we are looking for someone who can make us a couple of banners. The current banner is seriously old and stale now >.>

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