Posted by: yukachi | 21.06.12

Iguchi News 6/21

So that’s what she wore in the Iguchi Yuka DVD2 event…

There will be a live event for Sutapura! (an idol game for mobile phones) on 7/21 featuring Iguchi Yuka and the other voice actors of the Sutapura! characters. You need to buy from Animate, one of the Sutapura! character songs in order to have a chance to attend to the event. Also related to Sutapura! is another CD by Kotone (voiced by Yukachi of course) titled “Samidarete…..www” an enka (traditional-style Japanese popular ballad). Don’t know if Iguchi will use her anime voice or her real voice for the song. The enka CD will be available for sale on 8/8.

Another DVD live event coming on 9/16. You need to buy her third DVD and be lucky enough to be selected to attend the event. Pre-order is ongoing and you have until 8/31 to send that postcard for the raffle draw.

I think she will also appear in one of Marina Inoue’s event. Forgot what’s the name but it will have other voice actors as well…

For those who have an iPhone or Android phone and living in Japan, you can get these apps which feature Iguchi Yuka.

  • Kakusansei Million Arthur, an online card battle game (by Square Enix) which has Iguchi voicing a fairy who partners with one of the three Arthur’s voiced by teh Rie (Kugimiya).
  • Mero (from Sankarea) calculator and alarm clock.
  • YomeColle, a waifu app. You choose a waifu and you can talk to her, give her gifts, pat her in the head, make her wake you up, etc. Features 3 characters voiced by Yuka Iguchi (Index, Norie Okazaki and Maho Misawa).

For those who have a 3DS, Senran Kagura’s sequel will be on sale on 8/30 which has Iguchi Yuka voicing Hibari.

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