Posted by: yukachi | 28.06.12

Iguchi Yuka News 6/28

Maji Tenshi

Hello fellow Iguchi Yuka fans, here is another update! She will be voicing the main girl in the upcoming Xbox 360 game called MajiTen(Maji Tenshi for short). MajiTen is a dating sim game that features angels living with you. Welp, time to get an Xbox 360… not. Xbox 360… Why? This would be better off for the PSP or VITA but Xbox 360? Come on… Also, I forgot to mention, she’s voicing a NPC (I think) in Phantasy Star Online 2 along with Moko-tan who’s her elder sister in the game. Iguchi and Asumi should voice more roles as sisters, they’re pretty funny 😀

She also has a new radio show although it’s only one episode (I think). It’s about Banpresto’s Bakemonogatari x Nisemonogatari figures. Her co-host is Chiwa Saito who voices Hitagi Senjougahara. Quite an odd and rare combination but they’re good nonetheless. What else? She voiced Sasae in Medaka Box recently (episode 12).

And that’s it for the news… Gonna replace the poll by weekend. Any suggestions? 😛


  1. I have an Xbox 360 =P
    Though… I doubt I’d be able to get the game… and even if I could, if it contains any suggestive content, that would be awkward to play at home, haha…
    Still, Iguchi~~

    As for your poll… I don’t know… all I could think of was something lame like
    “Is Iguchi Yuka the bestest seiyuu there is?” with the choices “Yes” and “Yes”. ^^;


  2. Damm, I wish I had an Xbox 360 but I already have a PS3 and I am planning on getting a VITA so I’ll be missing this game ;_; Yes, the game does have some suggestive content like most dating sim games out there >.> Still, I’d love to play a game like that featuring Iguchi. Oh well, I hope she voices in another game but similar to Kokuhaku (…


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