Posted by: yukachi | 01.07.12

New Poll

Like this wasn’t a foregone conclusion :3

Just like the other poll, the winner was pretty obvious. I present to you the winner of “Who’s your favorite Iguchi Yuka voiced character? Part II”, the Immortal Imouto; the Platinum (MAD) Phoenix; the one and only Tsukihi Araragi!!! Just like Barusu-san, she completely obliterated every competition. I think she’d probably trump Subaru too if they were to compete. Anyway, I’m quite surprised there were actually people voting for Irukukuu and that she got a decent number of votes compared to the others not named Tsukihi 😛 And poor Index Mk. II, it seems like only a few people like Maria >.> Anyway, new poll is up! Vote for “What do you like about Iguchi Yuka?”

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