Posted by: yukachi | 03.07.12

Iguchi Yuka News 7/3

Spoilers: Saegusa Yuu is not an alien, the gaijin reporter can actually speak Japanese and Asanuma Shintarou really was a spy.

Well, Frontline Mission 3: Alien is over. Had a great time watching, it was funny, I love the characters, and that dance number was awesome. For those who went to see it, you have the chance to pre-order the DVD with free shipping if you fill up the form given to you and give it to the reception. There were also other goods on sale but I didn’t buy anything since I already spent my extra cash buying a figure and Iguchi Yuka’s 3rd DVD >.> Also, I thought pamphlets are supposed to be free not for sale? I sure as hell wont buy a 1500 yen pamphlet. Anyway, I’ll probably buy the DVD when it’s on sale at October since it’s obscenely expensive (5800 yen?! That’s even more expensive than Yukachi’s 3rd DVD).

In other news, Senki Zesshou Symphogear BD vol. 4 was out along with the special CD. The CD contains Miku Kohinata’s character song titled Hidamari ni Memoria. You can watch a fan-made video with the song in here. What else? Iguchi’s birthday is coming soon and expect Comchat Countdown and Iguchi Yuka no Moon to have a birthday special episode next week. Her photo-book will also be on sale on her birthday.

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