Posted by: yukachi | 14.07.12

Iguchi Yuka News 7/14

Finally got mine!

Well, I finally got my hands on Iguchi Yuka’s photo book today after it was officially on sale on Yukachi’s birthday. The white envelop came with the photo book and it contains a photo of Iguchi Yuka in bikini, I guess that’s a thank you for pre-ordering the photo book. I was pleasantly surprised Koetama vol. 2 is out so I bought that while I retrieved my pre-order at Gamers Akihabara. Oh, and don’t expect any scans from me because I don’t have a scanner and even if I do, I won’t ruin my only copy of the photo book.. You can probably find some scans on the net floating around, just look at the usual places where people upload photos of seiyuu.

In other news, Iguchi Yuka no Moon ep. 93 was awesome! Asumi Kana, Takahashi Mikako and Horie Yui greeted her a happy birthday (not live but recorded), she received a bouquet of flowers from a listener, got to eat expensive cake, listened to Washizaki’s birthday song, received lots of gifts from her staff and enjoyed making those staff say embarrassing lines while giving the gift to her.

As for events, there is a Tamayura event in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture on 9/30. The main cast plus Nakajima Megumi and Director Satou Junichi will be there. Seats costs at 5,250 yen. Details of this event can be seen on the official Tamayura ~hitotose~ website. To aru Majutsu no Index the Movie will have an event on 10/21 at Dengeki Stage 1. Abe Atsushi, Iguchi Yuka, Satou Rina and Arai Satomi will be there. There’s also a RO-KYU-BU! event on the same date (Yes, Iguchi will also be in it. She’s just that good.) at Dengeki Stage 2. Deadline for the online raffle entry is on 9/20 for both events, details of those events can be seen on Dengeki Bunko’s website.

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