Posted by: yukachi | 18.07.12

Iguchi Yuka News 7/18

And here is the news for the week! Her photo book live event was over last July 15 and apparently only 300 people were selected for that event. Those who pre-ordered her photo book at Gamers or Animate or A&G shop and are extremely lucky get to participate in her event plus they get to shake hands with her. Unfortunately for me, my luck ran out and I wasn’t selected ;_; Damn, I should have been selected in this event instead of the one in Kamata D: Oh well, there are more events to come… Anyway, after guest starring in a stage play, Yukachi is now set to guest in a TV drama sitcom called Urero☆Mikansei Shoujo. From what I gathered, it’s about a small time agency producing idols. She guest stars as Yuka, an aspiring voice actress. Don’t know the details since it will air on 7/20 24:53 pm (GMT +9:00) on TV Tokyo. For those not living in Japan you have the chance to watch this online, I think you can use KeyHole or any similar program to stream the show 😀 From radio shows to anime to stage plays to TV sitcoms… what’s next for her? Movies? Hollywood? 😛


  1. I’ll be trying for the Tokyo handshake event in September. Chances might be better for DVD.


    • Well, good luck to both of us then. I’ll also be trying for the September event 🙂


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