Posted by: yukachi | 27.07.12


They don’t have names yet, WTF?

So I was browsing the official Majiten website and looked at the character page. I noticed something of interest, the word “Default CV”. Does that mean we can change the voices of every heroine to our liking just like in Kokuhaku? Better yet, can we have a harem voiced by just one voice actress?

If it turns out I’m correct, please IF-chan port this to PS3 or PSP. I want my Iguchi harem!!! D:


  1. 😦 *wants*


  2. Well i hope if it gets a ps3 or vita release count me in on the fun in not ill grind for an x box 360


    • *crosses fingers they port this to the PS3 or Vita*

      Idolmaster & Galgun was ported to the PS3, right? There’s still hope 😛 I really do not want to buy an Xbox 360 just to play one game >.>


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