Posted by: yukachi | 13.08.12

Iguchi Yuka no Moon DVD in New Caledonia Review

Da Best. (Click to enlarge pic)

So yesterday I got my Iguchi Yuka no Moon DVD in New Caledonia and it was wonderful. The DVD features Iguchi Yuka’s adventure in New Caledonia. It starts from her departure in Narita airport up until her last day in New Caledonia. For those who bought her photo book you get the chance to see how those shots were made. In between the New Caledonia segments, Yukachi in radio studio appears to comment and there’s also some trivia quizzes for the viewer. But the best part in my opinion is Iguchi video recording herself in her hotel room commenting on the day that passed. She’s uber cute in that segment, easily my favorite parts. The DVD lasts around 2 hours which is a bit longer than her previous 2 DVDs(I think…). Overall, I was pretty much satisfied and it justified that 4500 yen price tag. I give it a 9/10 and would recommend it to fellow Iguchi Yuka fans who can get this. You won’t regret it!!

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