About Us

Everything you need to know about us:

  1. We started fansubbing on Feb. 2009.
  2. We might sub Web Radio shows.
  3. We are open to joint projects with other groups.
  4. We welcome comments/suggestions/criticisms on our work as long as it’s reasonable, constructive, and objective.
  5. We do not and will not translate any hentai (anime, manga or drama CD).
  6. No group logo or credits. Not only are we too lazy to include them but no one really cares anyway.
  7. no activity


1. Do you guys only translate stuff with Mamiko Noto in it?
No, we are actually focusing on Yuka Iguchi. 

2. I can’t seem to play your releases/I’m having trouble playing your releases, how do I fix this?
– use Potplayer and K-lite Codec pack

3. Will you translate ?
– We are open to suggestions but it will depend on the translator if he is willing to translate them. Please post on our Projects page if you have a request/suggestion. No

4. Why can the video quality of your releases be not so good? Why is your encoding inconsistent?
– Because we did not have an encoder for most of the projects.

5. Why aren’t you guys as fast as the other groups?
– Because some of the staff have jobs in real life, some are also working with other fansub groups, and some are still studying in school. Plus we also watch anime, play video games, listen to web radio shows, and do stuff besides fansubbing.

6. Can I upload your releases to a private tracker or offer it on BBT? Can I use your scripts to translate it to another language? Can I use your scripts, mux it with a different raw, and release it?
– Sure, you don’t need to ask permission from us.


  1. 7. Can I make Yuka as mai waifu?


    • – No, she belongs to Asumi Kana.


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