The Walking Church of Iguchi Yuka


Welcome, confused traveler, to the Walking Church of Iguchi Yuka. Hang around and maybe even post a comment or two. This page is dedicated to my favorite voice actress, Iguchi Yuka. She’s cute, funny, entertaining, good at singing and has a beautiful voice. I’ve been a fan of her since 2008. I’ve been listening to her radio shows and watching some anime with her in it. She truly captivates me with her performances in anime and she’s so damn good as a radio personality. Her radio shows were the reason I converted to the WCoIY. She’s so natural in front of a camera whether live or recorded and she’s seriously good at the mic. ANN, anidb or MAL has a comprehensive and updated list of her roles (for those who are curious who she has voiced).  This page is for interesting facts about her and is a place for fans to talk about worship her.

The facts:

  • Iguchi’s birthday is so easy to remember. It’s July 11 or 7/11.
  • Her notable nicknames are: Yukachi, Yukachii, Yuka-chan or Igu-chan. She’s also known as the Panda Banchou in the Index web radio show.
  • She is the youngest sibling of 3 (all of which are girls).
  • Yukachi is close friends with loves Asumi Kana and she calls her Moko-tan or Moko-chan. Long story short, it came from misspelling her name to Asumon then changed to Asumokkori then evolved to Mokkori then ended with Moko-tan.
  • Yukachi has 3 cats (Shiro-tan, Tocchigi and Kotarou-kun) and 1 Pomeranian dog (Nacchan). She loves cats more than dogs.
  • Iguchi Yuka is often referred to by her fans as “uzakawaii” or annoyingly cute. She’s also known as a comedian by her fans.
  • Yukachi was a fire chief for a day in Takehara City, Hiroshima.
  • She was able to capture a Tamayura on photo. When the cast of Tamayura were traveling to Takehara. The girls were excited upon seeing the Seto Inland Sea inside their car. Yukachi took a photo of Taketatsu Ayana (who was in turn taking a picture of the sea). The Tamayura appeared on the photo of Ayachi.
  • Yukachi and Hanazawa Kana are known as the Iyashikei Combi (Soothing Duo) in Oosawa Jimusho (Office Osawa) although the only person who calls them that is Noto Mamiko.
  • On 2011, she received a ring from Moko-tan on her birthday and in return she gave a bracelet on Asumin’s birthday.
  • Her birthstone is a Ruby.
  • She is a good singer. Just listen to her song. She’s been garnering praise on niconico for her singing in the SHOOT! PV (which we subbed BTW). She’s on par with Kitamura Eri, just listen to their duet. I can’t even tell who’s singing. Also, Platinum Disco. ‘Nuff said.
  • She was a fan of Slam Dunk manga during her school days and her favorite character is Gori (Capt. Akagi).
  • Iguchi Yuka is a long time fan of gravure idol Ogura Yuko and amusingly, she’s smitten to fellow RO-KYU-BU! cast member Ogura Yui.
  • She won the Best (Radio) Personality award in the 6th Seiyuu Awards on March 2012. She’s also the first and only talent from Osawa Office to have bagged an award from the Seiyuu Awards. She got an award before Kawasumi Ayako, Noto Mamiko or Hanazawa Kana!!!
  • Iguchi makes a guest appearance on Hanazawa Kana’s Hoshizora Destination music video.
  • She is a Masuda Takahisa fangirl.
  • Yuka Iguchi was a cast member of Frontline Mission 3: Alien; a stage play written by fellow Osawa Office talent; Shintarou Asanuma.
  • She guest starred in episode 2 of the TV sitcom Urero☆Mikansei Shoujo, she played as “Yuka” an aspiring voice actress.
  • Her photo book Le chouchou debuted and ranked third in the weekly Idol Photo Book rankings in Oricon as of July 23, 2012.
  • In an interview, Yui Horie was asked “If you could live your life as another voice actor who would it be?” Her answer was of course, Yuka Iguchi. Hocchan has this weird fantasy about Yukachi, she envisions Iguchi’s room as very westernish with wooden flooring(at the time of the interview Yukachi’s room was your traditional Japanese room with tatami flooring although currently her room is now renovated to match Hocchan’s ideal room)


  1. Hello, I’m Index. nice to meet you 😀


    • Lol, first comment after so many weeks XD

      Hello, Index.


      • can’t help it.

        it’s only my second time here since Shana S batch release…. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

        and i kind of forgot it. sorry dude 😛


        • Nah, I’m just excited someone posted on this page 🙂


          • well, can’t help it. my nick is Index, anyway ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌


  2. I can’t WAIT for the Idolmaster anime to air. ❤ Haruka.


  3. I like iguchi yuka a lot .

    I like her as index ,Aiko from true tears and keade from nyan koi


  4. is there any memberclub card?


    • Hmm, that’s a good idea. I’ll try and make one, lol.


  5. Umm… I was just wondering if this fansubbing group is still active, cuz’ I really liked your translation of the Ro-Kyu-Bu! Drama CD. I see that you guys are big fans of Iguchi Yuka, well, I recently got my hands on the raw version of the PV of 「Get goal」, the OP of the second season of Ro-Kyu-Bu! and I was hoping someone could translate it for me. So if anyone here reads this, please let me know. Thanks in advance. 😉


    • Hi,
      Sorry, but we got no translator here. pretty much dead :), but if you want something old we have translated i can provide it to you


  6. >Iguchi’s birthday is so easy to remember. It’s July 11 or 7/11.

    I just remember it as “the day after mine.”


    • our dear leder has left The Walking Church of Iguchi Yuka – im the only one here maintaining this site. im not sure if you would get a reply from someone other than me 🙂


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