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All mamiko files here


All files are uploaded to, Yandex and I will not reseed torrent files.

This is my entire collection, so if anything is missing, no can do.

If you got something i do not, please provide link in comments.


Mega: Archive

Yandex: Disk 1Disk 2Disk 3

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Happy New 2014

Bild av 能登麻美子

Where can they be?

As you might have noted, it was some time since there were any updates on this page. This is due to our founder and translator, Yukachi, going wayward for a long time. We have no news since over half a year, and without a translator, not much can be done. I therefore kidnap this spot with a photo of the original goddess.

So have a great 2014, and pray that we may become active again some day. In the meantime, we regularly seed the torrents we still have the files for, so you may look for our old releases on NyaaTorrents.

Posted by: yukachi | 12.09.12

Iguchi Yuka News 9/12

Fukuen Misato (Yami) & Iguchi Yuka (Mea)

Autumn is fast approaching, only a couple of weeks to go and the drought will be over 😀 There was an event last Sunday where Iguchi Yuka participated. It’s called MariColle or Marine Collection, it’s an event featuring seiyuu’s with radio shows held at Kannagawa Prefecture. The guests featured most of the current popular seiyuu like Inoue Marina, Itou Kanae, Aoi Yuki, Kanemoto Hisako, Toyosaki Aki, etc. Apparently, Yukachi wore a sexy black one piece dress in the night event and a lot of people liked it 🙂 Speaking of events, I still haven’t received an invitation to Yukachi’s hand shaking event this coming Sunday 😦 Damn, it’s the second time I failed…

In other news, Iguchi will be featured in the front cover of Comic Earth Star October 2012 Edition for the 2nd time! Aside from being the cover girl, the magazine will also have a back-to-back poster of her. The magazine is on sale starting today(9/12) so get your copy of Comic Earth Star now! She is also voicing Cherty; a character from Momoiro Taisen Pairon. It’s a mahjong game for the PC, I think you can download it for free in the official website. As for anime, she will be voicing Aoi from Yama no Susu which will air next year!! Oh, I almost forgot… the pic from the TLR Darkness radio show which started last 9/8.

And for my last bit of Iguchi info for this week, she will return in Urero Mikansei Shoujo this Friday! For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a live action sitcom. Yukachi will return as Yuka-hime the aspiring seiyuu who rarely gets out of her house. I am seriously hyped this time since I think she will appear on person and not on skype like last time. Man, can’t wait to watch this! Oh, as for you Index fans, the next episode of Iguchi Yuka no Moon will be an Index special! The producer of Index, Mr. Nakayama will be her guest next week and they will talk about the Index movie which will be released next year >.> That’s it for the news, until next time!

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Iguchi Yuka News 9/5

Touma~ Touma~

It’s time for your weekly Iguchi Yuka news! Not much news this time, only a few weeks to go and the Yukachi anime drought will be over D: She will not voice any MC next season but her characters will get enough screen time. There’s Gyrozetter where she voices the childhood friend of the MC, then Girls und Panzer where she voices the genius sleepy-head who I think is part of the main cast, and then we have To LOVE-Ru Darkness where she voices Mea who I think will feature her prominently(not sure since I’m not following the manga.) Speaking of TLR Darkness Iguchi mentioned in her radio show that she and Kanae Itou exchanged photo-books during one of their recordings of TLR Darkness. Kanae was shy when she handed over her photo-book(you can see her pic at Iguchi Yuka no Moon episode 101) and she also signed and wrote a comment for Yukachi, lol. Regarding episode 101, she also talked about the previous episode with Takahashi Mikako and Gibu Yuko. After the show was over they continued their party until over 1 am. Man, the food must be really good! Oh and there will be an event for Girls und Panzer this month, it will have a pre-airing of episode 1 at United Cinema Toyosu on 9/23 with the cast including Yukachi! To be able to join the event go to the official website, register and send your e-raffle entry. Those who are lucky to be selected will be able to participate that event. Deadline for sending your entry is on 9/12 so send them now before it’s too late!

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Iguchi Yuka News 8/29

It’s time for another Iguchi News update! Last monday was the 100th episode of Iguchi Yuka no Moon and as promised Yukachi, the staff and her guests all wore a yukata. Some of the listeners also wore a yukata, I don’t know if any of them drew a yukata on their naked bodies if they didn’t have a yukata… The studio was a little bit different than usual, it was bigger, to accommodate the guests and the food and drinks. The guests; Mikako Takahashi and Yuko Gibu brought along their homemade cuisine. Iguchi and her guests spent more time eating and drinking than doing a radio show. It felt like watching a live party instead of a radio show >.> The two guests were very funny specially Yuko Gibu (she brought along an unfinished resume and was writing it during the show and kinda appealed to the staff and audience to give her a job.) 1 hour was just too short for this special episode and I wished Asumi Kana also joined!! D:

For events, there’s the upcoming Symphogear event on October 6, 2012 which Yukachi will be participating. It will be held at Zepp DiverCity, Tokyo and tickets will be on sale on 9/22 at 4,900 yen. Those who bought Vol. 6 of the limited edition Bluray/DVD of Symphogear will get a chance to pre-order those tickets. Also, Yukachi will be hosting a new radio show for the upcoming anime To LOVE-Ru Darkness titled; Radio To LOVE-Ru Darkness which is co-hosted by Misato Fukuen who voices Yami/Golden Darkness. The radio show will start at 9/8(Sat) 12:00(GMT+9) and it will air weekly. And lastly, Atelier Totori will be ported to the Vita and is titled; Atelier Totori Plus. For those who haven’t played Atelier Torori and has a Vita, Iguchi voices Mimi in the game so get it if you’re a fan!!

Well, that’s it for the news, I hope you guys are satisfied and see you again next time 😀

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Iguchi Yuka News 8/21

井口裕香のむ~~~ん ⊂( ^ω^)⊃

Time flies so fast when you’re enjoying… Next week will be the 100th episode of Iguchi Yuka no Moon!! To commemorate the 100th episode, Yukachi and her staff will be wearing yukata!! Also, she urges the viewers to join them in wearing a yukata. So those who have one please wear it while you’re watching. If you do not have one, as Yukachi suggests, you go naked and draw a yukata on your body, lol. But wait there’s more! She will be having two guests!! Takahashi Mikako and Gibu Yuko!! They’re also gonna wear yukata to celebrate :3

In other news, Iguchi Yuka appeared on TBS Anime Festival 2012 last Saturday (8/18) at the Tokyo Civic Hall. She participated in the To Love-Ru Darkness, Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai, and Sankarea events. Although she voiced a character in Koi to Senkou to Chocolate, she didn’t participate in that one(probably because she only appeared in ep. 1 >.>) Talk about a busy girl 😀

Also, the TV size version of the song; Moe Moe RUNAWAY from Urero☆Mikansei Shoujo in which Iguchi Yuka sang is available for download at the price of 200 yen at Amazon Japan. The song name is silly but man, I am yet again impressed with her singing. She uses her real voice in this and it’s quite lovely. And she guests stars in episode 72 of SKET Dance. She voices Usami Hani who is a man-hater but when touched by guys she becomes a man-lover and a woman-hater, lol. That’s it I guess for the news, see you guys next time!

Posted by: yukachi | 15.08.12

Iguchi Yuka News 8/15

Time for your weekly Iguchi Yuka news! First I forgot to mention there was an event last Sunday (8/12) in Akihabara featuring Sutapura in which Iguchi Yuka voices Umikamome Kotone. I think I also forgot to mention Senran Kagura will have an anime next year. She also voiced Inaba Tei in episode 2 of Touhou which was released recently in Comiket 82. And then there’s a live event for Symphogear this October in which Yukachi will be participating, those who will buy vol. 6 of the BD will get the chance to pre-order tickets for the event. Next is a new OVA called Aratanaru Sekai, it’s part of a multimedia series starting from a Light Novel to a Manga and of course to an OVA. The complete box set includes the LN, Manga and OVA(BD/DVD) as well as extra goodies such as the OST(with main theme), illustration box and booklet. The price is 9,240 yen and it will be on sale on October 20, 2012. Yukachi will be voicing Hoshigaoka in the OVA. I think that’s it for anime and events.

On to my next news which is Majiten. I think those who are following this blog already knows what this is. If not, read the past posts! Anyway, more information came out. Now I know why they didn’t gave the girls names because the game lets you decide what her name is and… you decide what the main heroine’s voice is!!! OMG I WAS CORRECT!! But wait, there’s a catch… first is if you want to change the default voice of a girl it’s gonna be a DLC(which most likely will cost you money…) Second, you can only apply a voice that is available as DLC, otherwise, you’re stuck with the default. Lastly, you can only change the main girl’s voice so NO SAME VOICE HAREM FOR YOU!!! D:

Wow, I never thought I would post a lot of information this week. She’s really busy these days even though she was barely in any anime this season. Well, until next time, keep following our blog for more news.

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Iguchi Yuka no Moon DVD in New Caledonia Review

Da Best. (Click to enlarge pic)

So yesterday I got my Iguchi Yuka no Moon DVD in New Caledonia and it was wonderful. The DVD features Iguchi Yuka’s adventure in New Caledonia. It starts from her departure in Narita airport up until her last day in New Caledonia. For those who bought her photo book you get the chance to see how those shots were made. In between the New Caledonia segments, Yukachi in radio studio appears to comment and there’s also some trivia quizzes for the viewer. But the best part in my opinion is Iguchi video recording herself in her hotel room commenting on the day that passed. She’s uber cute in that segment, easily my favorite parts. The DVD lasts around 2 hours which is a bit longer than her previous 2 DVDs(I think…). Overall, I was pretty much satisfied and it justified that 4500 yen price tag. I give it a 9/10 and would recommend it to fellow Iguchi Yuka fans who can get this. You won’t regret it!!

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Iguchi Yuka News 8/12

Dear Mr. Mailman, about time you delivered the goods but I’m thankful you were able to deliver this. By far this is my favorite Moon DVD ever.

Not much news last week except Iguchi Yuka no Moon DVD in New Caledonia was out last 8/10. I waited for four excruciating days for the mailman to deliver this but it was worth it. For those who bought her DVD you have the chance to participate in her hand-shaking event on Sept. As you can see in the picture above, the DVD comes with a lottery ticket. Instructions on how to join is very easy, all you need is to buy a postcard in your local post office, write the necessary details in the lottery ticket like your name, address, phone, etc. then cut-out the printed details, paste it to the postcard and then send it via snail mail. Deadline of submission is Aug. 31 and those who are lucky enough to be selected will be informed around early Sept. Oh and you can see in the pic the bromide of Bunka Housou (you will get different bromides depending on the store you bought). Also, those who bought it on Comiket 82 should have received a poster and sticker! D: Man, I wish I didn’t bought this online and just bought it on Comiket…

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Kaibutsu Oujo OVA Batch

Another release…

Well, it’s official. We’re done with Kaibutsu Oujo OVA!!! D: For more information about the batch visit SHiN-gx.

Torrent | Torrent AVI

DDL: (ep 1) Part 1 Part 2 (ep 2) Part 3 Part 4 (ep 3) Part 5 Part 6

DDL AVI: (ep 1) Part 1 Part 2 (ep 2) Part 3 Part 4 (ep 3) Part 5 Part 6

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