Posted by: yukachi | 15.08.12

Iguchi Yuka News 8/15

Time for your weekly Iguchi Yuka news! First I forgot to mention there was an event last Sunday (8/12) in Akihabara featuring Sutapura in which Iguchi Yuka voices Umikamome Kotone. I think I also forgot to mention Senran Kagura will have an anime next year. She also voiced Inaba Tei in episode 2 of Touhou which was released recently in Comiket 82. And then there’s a live event for Symphogear this October in which Yukachi will be participating, those who will buy vol. 6 of the BD will get the chance to pre-order tickets for the event. Next is a new OVA called Aratanaru Sekai, it’s part of a multimedia series starting from a Light Novel to a Manga and of course to an OVA. The complete box set includes the LN, Manga and OVA(BD/DVD) as well as extra goodies such as the OST(with main theme), illustration box and booklet. The price is 9,240 yen and it will be on sale on October 20, 2012. Yukachi will be voicing Hoshigaoka in the OVA. I think that’s it for anime and events.

On to my next news which is Majiten. I think those who are following this blog already knows what this is. If not, read the past posts! Anyway, more information came out. Now I know why they didn’t gave the girls names because the game lets you decide what her name is and… you decide what the main heroine’s voice is!!! OMG I WAS CORRECT!! But wait, there’s a catch… first is if you want to change the default voice of a girl it’s gonna be a DLC(which most likely will cost you money…) Second, you can only apply a voice that is available as DLC, otherwise, you’re stuck with the default. Lastly, you can only change the main girl’s voice so NO SAME VOICE HAREM FOR YOU!!! D:

Wow, I never thought I would post a lot of information this week. She’s really busy these days even though she was barely in any anime this season. Well, until next time, keep following our blog for more news.


  1. “Tohou” = ?

    Been waiting for that one for years ;D


    • Never thought you’re a fan of Touhou 😛 The Japanese say this is like the Olympics, you need to wait another 4 years for the next episode, lol.


      • Well, I don’t play it, but I watch associated things and listen to music videos from it 😀


  2. >She also voiced Inaba Tei in episode 2 of Touhou which was released recently in Comiket 82
    I just watched it yesterday XD

    btw, hello friends. just gonna drop-by 😉


    • Nice to see you again, Index.


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