Posted by: yukachi | 29.08.12

Iguchi Yuka News 8/29

It’s time for another Iguchi News update! Last monday was the 100th episode of Iguchi Yuka no Moon and as promised Yukachi, the staff and her guests all wore a yukata. Some of the listeners also wore a yukata, I don’t know if any of them drew a yukata on their naked bodies if they didn’t have a yukata… The studio was a little bit different than usual, it was bigger, to accommodate the guests and the food and drinks. The guests; Mikako Takahashi and Yuko Gibu brought along their homemade cuisine. Iguchi and her guests spent more time eating and drinking than doing a radio show. It felt like watching a live party instead of a radio show >.> The two guests were very funny specially Yuko Gibu (she brought along an unfinished resume and was writing it during the show and kinda appealed to the staff and audience to give her a job.) 1 hour was just too short for this special episode and I wished Asumi Kana also joined!! D:

For events, there’s the upcoming Symphogear event on October 6, 2012 which Yukachi will be participating. It will be held at Zepp DiverCity, Tokyo and tickets will be on sale on 9/22 at 4,900 yen. Those who bought Vol. 6 of the limited edition Bluray/DVD of Symphogear will get a chance to pre-order those tickets. Also, Yukachi will be hosting a new radio show for the upcoming anime To LOVE-Ru Darkness titled; Radio To LOVE-Ru Darkness which is co-hosted by Misato Fukuen who voices Yami/Golden Darkness. The radio show will start at 9/8(Sat) 12:00(GMT+9) and it will air weekly. And lastly, Atelier Totori will be ported to the Vita and is titled; Atelier Totori Plus. For those who haven’t played Atelier Torori and has a Vita, Iguchi voices Mimi in the game so get it if you’re a fan!!

Well, that’s it for the news, I hope you guys are satisfied and see you again next time 😀

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