Posted by: yukachi | 05.09.12

Iguchi Yuka News 9/5

Touma~ Touma~

It’s time for your weekly Iguchi Yuka news! Not much news this time, only a few weeks to go and the Yukachi anime drought will be over D: She will not voice any MC next season but her characters will get enough screen time. There’s Gyrozetter where she voices the childhood friend of the MC, then Girls und Panzer where she voices the genius sleepy-head who I think is part of the main cast, and then we have To LOVE-Ru Darkness where she voices Mea who I think will feature her prominently(not sure since I’m not following the manga.) Speaking of TLR Darkness Iguchi mentioned in her radio show that she and Kanae Itou exchanged photo-books during one of their recordings of TLR Darkness. Kanae was shy when she handed over her photo-book(you can see her pic at Iguchi Yuka no Moon episode 101) and she also signed and wrote a comment for Yukachi, lol. Regarding episode 101, she also talked about the previous episode with Takahashi Mikako and Gibu Yuko. After the show was over they continued their party until over 1 am. Man, the food must be really good! Oh and there will be an event for Girls und Panzer this month, it will have a pre-airing of episode 1 at United Cinema Toyosu on 9/23 with the cast including Yukachi! To be able to join the event go to the official website, register and send your e-raffle entry. Those who are lucky to be selected will be able to participate that event. Deadline for sending your entry is on 9/12 so send them now before it’s too late!

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