Posted by: CP | 01.01.14

Happy New 2014

Bild av 能登麻美子

Where can they be?

As you might have noted, it was some time since there were any updates on this page. This is due to our founder and translator, Yukachi, going wayward for a long time. We have no news since over half a year, and without a translator, not much can be done. I therefore kidnap this spot with a photo of the original goddess.

So have a great 2014, and pray that we may become active again some day. In the meantime, we regularly seed the torrents we still have the files for, so you may look for our old releases on NyaaTorrents.


  1. Ahhh I should’ve checked back sooner!
    Happy New Year #mamiko ~~~
    And Iguchi too 😉


  2. RIP CP. Thanks for everything. We all miss you. T_T


  3. RIP?


    • Oh, you haven’t heard the unfortunate news? CP passed away on September 8th from bladder cancer. I still can’t believe it. So very sad and tragic. 😦


      • Damn, i have not. i was missing him on IRC. I did a search for his name and it was no longer registered so I did understand something was wrong. I haven’t spoken with him since may, sadly 😦

        He is at gods side. He was a god guy and will be remembered.



        • Yeah, he will definitely remembered. He was one heckuva subber. So dedicated and skillful. One of the best, if not the best overall subber I’ve ever known/worked with. Not only was he an awesome subber, but he was an awesome person, too. I loved just chatting about random stuff with him on IRC. I think I knew him for about 6 or 7 years. Damn, I miss having convos with him so much…


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