Posted by: yukachi | 12.09.12

Iguchi Yuka News 9/12

Fukuen Misato (Yami) & Iguchi Yuka (Mea)

Autumn is fast approaching, only a couple of weeks to go and the drought will be over 😀 There was an event last Sunday where Iguchi Yuka participated. It’s called MariColle or Marine Collection, it’s an event featuring seiyuu’s with radio shows held at Kannagawa Prefecture. The guests featured most of the current popular seiyuu like Inoue Marina, Itou Kanae, Aoi Yuki, Kanemoto Hisako, Toyosaki Aki, etc. Apparently, Yukachi wore a sexy black one piece dress in the night event and a lot of people liked it 🙂 Speaking of events, I still haven’t received an invitation to Yukachi’s hand shaking event this coming Sunday 😦 Damn, it’s the second time I failed…

In other news, Iguchi will be featured in the front cover of Comic Earth Star October 2012 Edition for the 2nd time! Aside from being the cover girl, the magazine will also have a back-to-back poster of her. The magazine is on sale starting today(9/12) so get your copy of Comic Earth Star now! She is also voicing Cherty; a character from Momoiro Taisen Pairon. It’s a mahjong game for the PC, I think you can download it for free in the official website. As for anime, she will be voicing Aoi from Yama no Susu which will air next year!! Oh, I almost forgot… the pic from the TLR Darkness radio show which started last 9/8.

And for my last bit of Iguchi info for this week, she will return in Urero Mikansei Shoujo this Friday! For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a live action sitcom. Yukachi will return as Yuka-hime the aspiring seiyuu who rarely gets out of her house. I am seriously hyped this time since I think she will appear on person and not on skype like last time. Man, can’t wait to watch this! Oh, as for you Index fans, the next episode of Iguchi Yuka no Moon will be an Index special! The producer of Index, Mr. Nakayama will be her guest next week and they will talk about the Index movie which will be released next year >.> That’s it for the news, until next time!

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