Posted by: yukachi | 25.04.10

New Layout

New layout! I thought it’s about time to change the site layout. It’s been so many months since we’ve had that old layout. For those who care, how do you guys like the new look? :3


  1. Mayoi Neko Overrun ftw ❤ It's okay, but idk if this is because of my screen, but banner seems to be somewhat low quality o_O


    • Is the banner you’re looking, the old one? I know my photoshop skills are average but it looks fine to me >.> Is this the one you’re looking?


  2. More Happy If You Sub Mayoi :p


    • Er… Well… I don’t think we can do that. BUT!!! We have a consolation prize for you. Look forward to it in the near future :3


  3. Very good!
    nice job.


  4. I’m digging it. Banner is cool too 😛


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