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Iguchi Yuka News 8/1

After the picture taking Marina kissed Yuka in the cheeks! D:

Howdy fellow Iguchi Yuka fans, it’s time for another Iguchi Yuka News!! For those who don’t know, the above picture is from the cast of Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai after the MF Bunko event last Sunday in Akihabara. Season 2 was confirmed so those who love the series, celebrate! Also, Yukachi is confirmed to voice Mea in the To-Love-Ru Darkness anime which will air on fall. And the To Aru Majutsu no Index movie which will open in theaters on Feb. 23, 2013.

Last is this PV of “Samidarete…www” which Iguchi sings. Is the girl in the PV the real deal?

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Kaibutsu Oujo OVA 3

Oh, hey. Finally, a release…

It has been months since we have released something and I really hate myself for this. orz

At long last we finished the OVA! D: Many thanks to the staff and our comrade SHiN-gx, I thought we would never finish this 😀 It was nice working with SHiN-gx again and we hope we could do another joint in the future. Oh and if you’re wondering what the censored word was in the Kerberotte part, it’s Dennou Coil. For bots visit SHiN-gx’s channel.

There will also be a batch release later on.


Part 1 Part 2

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They don’t have names yet, WTF?

So I was browsing the official Majiten website and looked at the character page. I noticed something of interest, the word “Default CV”. Does that mean we can change the voices of every heroine to our liking just like in Kokuhaku? Better yet, can we have a harem voiced by just one voice actress?

If it turns out I’m correct, please IF-chan port this to PS3 or PSP. I want my Iguchi harem!!! D:

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Tamayura News 7/26

Something I found after browsing the official Tamayura site. It’s the Momoneko Marching Song PV!!! This is incredibly cute XD

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Iguchi Yuka News 7/25


Well, the long wait is over Platinum Disco Full version is out along with Nisemonogatari BD/DVD Vol. 4!!! D: In other news, Iguchi Yuka no Moon DVD in New Caledonia will be out on sale on 8/10(Fri) and those who bought it on Chou! A&G shop, ChikaQ, Animate, Gamers, Toranoana, Marine ent. online shop will receive a special unique bromide for each store. The DVD handshake event will be on 9/16(Sun). Those who bought the DVD in Animate, Gamers, Toranoana, and Chou! A&G shop or ChikaQ will get a raffle entry form. Fill the form out with the required details, paste it on a hagaki(postcard) and send it at your local post office. Like the previous events, those who are lucky enough to get selected will be able to participate in this event. Deadline for submission of raffle entry form is on 8/31(Fri). For those going to Comike(Comic Market) 82 there will be a Bunka Housou booth(No. 431) and they will also sell Iguchi Yuka no Moon DVD in New Caledonia. For those buying the DVD in Comike, they will not only get a bromide but also a Comike limited edition poster!!! And as of 7/23 her photo book debuted and ranked 3rd in the weekly Idol Photo Book rankings in Oricon 🙂 It’s a great day for Iguchi fans and don’t forget to check out Asumi Kana’s Hoshisora Hinatabokko, last episode had her talking about their time in Disneyland plus a lot more 😀

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Iguchi Yuka News 7/18

And here is the news for the week! Her photo book live event was over last July 15 and apparently only 300 people were selected for that event. Those who pre-ordered her photo book at Gamers or Animate or A&G shop and are extremely lucky get to participate in her event plus they get to shake hands with her. Unfortunately for me, my luck ran out and I wasn’t selected ;_; Damn, I should have been selected in this event instead of the one in Kamata D: Oh well, there are more events to come… Anyway, after guest starring in a stage play, Yukachi is now set to guest in a TV drama sitcom called Urero☆Mikansei Shoujo. From what I gathered, it’s about a small time agency producing idols. She guest stars as Yuka, an aspiring voice actress. Don’t know the details since it will air on 7/20 24:53 pm (GMT +9:00) on TV Tokyo. For those not living in Japan you have the chance to watch this online, I think you can use KeyHole or any similar program to stream the show 😀 From radio shows to anime to stage plays to TV sitcoms… what’s next for her? Movies? Hollywood? 😛

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Iguchi Yuka News 7/14

Finally got mine!

Well, I finally got my hands on Iguchi Yuka’s photo book today after it was officially on sale on Yukachi’s birthday. The white envelop came with the photo book and it contains a photo of Iguchi Yuka in bikini, I guess that’s a thank you for pre-ordering the photo book. I was pleasantly surprised Koetama vol. 2 is out so I bought that while I retrieved my pre-order at Gamers Akihabara. Oh, and don’t expect any scans from me because I don’t have a scanner and even if I do, I won’t ruin my only copy of the photo book.. You can probably find some scans on the net floating around, just look at the usual places where people upload photos of seiyuu.

In other news, Iguchi Yuka no Moon ep. 93 was awesome! Asumi Kana, Takahashi Mikako and Horie Yui greeted her a happy birthday (not live but recorded), she received a bouquet of flowers from a listener, got to eat expensive cake, listened to Washizaki’s birthday song, received lots of gifts from her staff and enjoyed making those staff say embarrassing lines while giving the gift to her.

As for events, there is a Tamayura event in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture on 9/30. The main cast plus Nakajima Megumi and Director Satou Junichi will be there. Seats costs at 5,250 yen. Details of this event can be seen on the official Tamayura ~hitotose~ website. To aru Majutsu no Index the Movie will have an event on 10/21 at Dengeki Stage 1. Abe Atsushi, Iguchi Yuka, Satou Rina and Arai Satomi will be there. There’s also a RO-KYU-BU! event on the same date (Yes, Iguchi will also be in it. She’s just that good.) at Dengeki Stage 2. Deadline for the online raffle entry is on 9/20 for both events, details of those events can be seen on Dengeki Bunko’s website.

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Happy Birthday Yuka Iguchi

Le chouchou now on sale

Happy 24th birthday to Ms. Yuka Iguchi! This year has been great for her; She won Best Radio Personality on the 6th Seiyuu Awards, Frontline Mission 3: Alien was a success, her photo-book is now on sale, released 2 DVDs this year, voiced wonderful characters, and been on several magazines(some of them even have her on the cover). I kinda remember we wished her a successful career last year and it seems like it came true 😀 Now our wish for her this year is to continue that success and hope more people get to know and appreciate her.

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Iguchi Yuka News 7/3

Spoilers: Saegusa Yuu is not an alien, the gaijin reporter can actually speak Japanese and Asanuma Shintarou really was a spy.

Well, Frontline Mission 3: Alien is over. Had a great time watching, it was funny, I love the characters, and that dance number was awesome. For those who went to see it, you have the chance to pre-order the DVD with free shipping if you fill up the form given to you and give it to the reception. There were also other goods on sale but I didn’t buy anything since I already spent my extra cash buying a figure and Iguchi Yuka’s 3rd DVD >.> Also, I thought pamphlets are supposed to be free not for sale? I sure as hell wont buy a 1500 yen pamphlet. Anyway, I’ll probably buy the DVD when it’s on sale at October since it’s obscenely expensive (5800 yen?! That’s even more expensive than Yukachi’s 3rd DVD).

In other news, Senki Zesshou Symphogear BD vol. 4 was out along with the special CD. The CD contains Miku Kohinata’s character song titled Hidamari ni Memoria. You can watch a fan-made video with the song in here. What else? Iguchi’s birthday is coming soon and expect Comchat Countdown and Iguchi Yuka no Moon to have a birthday special episode next week. Her photo-book will also be on sale on her birthday.

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New Poll

Like this wasn’t a foregone conclusion :3

Just like the other poll, the winner was pretty obvious. I present to you the winner of “Who’s your favorite Iguchi Yuka voiced character? Part II”, the Immortal Imouto; the Platinum (MAD) Phoenix; the one and only Tsukihi Araragi!!! Just like Barusu-san, she completely obliterated every competition. I think she’d probably trump Subaru too if they were to compete. Anyway, I’m quite surprised there were actually people voting for Irukukuu and that she got a decent number of votes compared to the others not named Tsukihi 😛 And poor Index Mk. II, it seems like only a few people like Maria >.> Anyway, new poll is up! Vote for “What do you like about Iguchi Yuka?”

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